About Me

IMG_0052Welcome! I am Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy at Florida State University. (Yes, you read that right, Philosophy. This is the book that started the whole thing for me.)

I moved to Florida from London  where I got both my MPhil and PhD at King’s College London. There were so many great things about being in London: I was surrounded by Pret a Manger sandwich shops, we had a secret bar room in our department (seriously!) as well as awesome views of the Thames. I met some of my best friends there (hello Rose!) and got to work with David Papineau who supervised both of my theses. Surprisingly perhaps, I haven’t managed to convert David to many (any?) of my philosophical views but you know what they say … life is a journey, not a destination.

During my time in London, I worked for a couple of years at the wonderful Royal Institute of Philosophy and spent time at the Institute of Philosophy.  If you think you’ve had enough philosophy in London … well, there’s always more great philosophy for you.

I returned to King’s for a little while in 2013 to work on the project “Will and Willpower: Mechanisms of Self-Control”. I am very glad I was chosen to help with this even though those that know me might say that I have very little mastery of self-control  in practice.

My time in Florida started by becoming a postdoc in Free Will and Self-Control at Florida State (there’s the self-control again!). Here I met Al Mele who seems to have become my dear philosophical adversary. It’s not all (or even at all) bad – Al has been kindly lending me one dollar bills to use in a vending machine ever since he’s had the misfortune of my office being placed close to his. I also met Stephen Kearns. Stephen refused to hang out with me when I first moved to Florida. It’s kind of strange to think about that  now, especially since we got married recently. Stephen too refuses to be convinced by my very correct philosophical views (see the theme yet?). The picture below is an illustration of how our usual discussions go. You might be tempted to take his side but remember, this is a guy who thinks that the past, right now, can be different…


My research interests centre around moral psychology, ethics, neuro-ethics,  applied ethics, free will, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of action. I have a special interest in moral responsibility; in fact, most of my interests converge around this particular issue.

As for my life in Florida, we have recently added Ruby to our family. She looks cute but trust me, she has an agenda (which typically revolves around food).  She wants what she wants and likes doing things – in that, we’re alike (well, with the food as well).


I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel which is how I spend a great deal of my free time. I first moved abroad when I was 16 and travelling has stuck with me since. So has taking photos, I do a great deal of that too. All of the photos on this websites have been taken in some beautiful places in the US and the UK.  I may or may not have a social media account dedicated to photography only. Aside from all this, I love horror, U2 and the show ♣ Supernatural ♣. Yes, that’s the real deal below, not just cardboard cutouts. I am now also teaching a course on Supernatural, Film and Philosophy. There is some exciting times ahead in these strange times.