About Me

IMG_0052I am Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy at Florida State University. Previously I was a research associate at King’s College London on the project “Will and Willpower: Mechanisms of Self-Control”. I was also a postdoc in Free Will and Self-Control at Florida State University. My research interests centre around moral psychology, ethics, neuro-ethics and applied ethics, free will, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of action. I have a special interest in moral responsibility; in particular how responsibility is compatible with most  (perhaps all) of our actions’ being lucky to some (often significant) degree. Recently I have been working on transformative experiences and the implications such experiences have on considerations about responsibility. (I am concerned it’s not looking too good! For responsibility, that is, not for my work … I hope.) I also do research on moral cognition and how moral cognition might be affected in certain pathological cases. You can find my academia.edu page here.

I gained my MPhil and PhD at King’s College London (2012) where I was very lucky to work with David Papineau who supervised both my theses. David will always get the blame for me sticking around in this profession in less than ideal circumstances during my graduate studies.

During my time in London, I worked for a couple of years at the wonderful Royal Institute of Philosophy. That and the Institute of Philosophy are among the many things which make London one of the most exciting places for philosophy research. Admittedly, there are many other things that make London an awesome place to be.

At Florida State, I have had fun working with Al Mele, Randy Clarke and Stephen Kearns. Stephen and I got married recently–despite the fact that he does not share my very correct philosophical views. He thinks that the past can be different–I have yet to find out whether this view directly relates to us getting married…


We have recently added Ruby to our family – she looks cute but really is an alligator with fur. I wanted a smart dog and I got one. Be careful what you wish for.


In my spare time, I like doing photography, visiting national parks and doing various adrenaline filled things that make Stephen wonder what he got himself into. The pictures above are from the beautiful Antelope Canyon in Arizona and the Great Smoky Mountains. The pictures on the rest of this page are mainly from different national parks in the US and England.

I love the horror genre, U2 and the show Supernatural. I also enjoy confusing people with my accent.